Wholesale is King: Why Buying Items in Bulk Can Net Big Profits

Wholesale is King: Why Buying Items in Bulk Can Net Big Profits

Buying items in bulk for your business is often a must. It can lead to big savings which you can pass off to customers and your profit margins. Learn more!

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As a business, shaving costs anywhere and everywhere is essential to future growth on the premise of having operational capital. 

Therefore, wholesale is king. If you need to buy something and bring down your entry margins but you are buying it by the unit, you’re doing something wrong. 

In this article, we’ll cover why buying items in bulk can net big profits. 

Keep reading to learn the benefits of wholesale vs retail.

Wholesale vs Retail: In Terms of Which Is Which

Alright, before we start it’s important to identify the differences between what wholesale and retail are. For instance, what a wholesaler is in comparison to a retailer.

The Wholesaler

A wholesaler can be a company or person who sells their product in bulk via various outlets or to a retailer. The retailer will use the product to make their own or sell by the unit.

A wholesaler can sell the product for the lower per-unit price, as they are selling in bulk. By doing so, they decrease the handling time and costs to store the product. In some cases, a wholesaler is the sole manufacturer of the product, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

The Retailer

A retailer can be a company or person who sells the product or something made with the product to the consumer for a profit. A retailer can be a manufacturer of a product, and the materials can be sourced from a wholesaler or on their own. 

However, sometimes a retailer sells the exact same product that a wholesaler would. The difference is they do this on a per-unit basis.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Items in Bulk?

When it comes to buying items in bulk from A WHOLESALER, there are plenty of benefits. Nonetheless, we should only cover the most prominent of them.

Variety of Choice

As you begin to build relationships with wholesalers, you will quickly come to realize that you go through less hassle on your part of the operation. All you have to do is place an order. You can forget about excessive shipping prices and logistics.

This means you get to enjoy more profit on the premise of decreased operational costs. Not to mention, the sheer variety of choice that wholesalers possess.

So many categories, so many color variations, so many shapes and sizes. You simply find a product or material and buy a large quantity of it. Or you can get an assorted pallet of products to be sold or tested out.

Lower Prices & Optimal Deals

As you start to purchase products/materials from wholesalers, you will get incredible deals and significantly discounted prices. When you decide on the number of products that you’ll need, you take a look at the shipping options and have them delivered to your location at a minimal cost.

Each product costs less compared to if they were bought on a per-unit basis. By buying in bulk, you save money, get great deals, and earn satisfied clients. This tactic is particularly important for small businesses that are just starting out.

Using our own example, (Nativo), we sell the highest quality smoothie pouches from natural Açai berries. Not only do we do retail, but we also do wholesale, and you can imagine the price difference. Go take a look for yourself, and then SEND US A MESSAGE for price comparison.

Guaranteed Quality

When you purchase a product from a wholesaler, you can rest assured of the quality of products that you will receive. No matter what they sell, a wholesaler generally produces high-quality products you can rely on at discounted prices so you can see an increased profit for you.

If you’re buying resealable or refurbished goods, check the quality so you don’t get disappointed when the product actually arrives. Liquidation merchants usually stock from reputable retailers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Brand Recognition

When you purchase wholesale, you’re probably working with giants of the industry. Wholesale companies usually hold goods from popular brands, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Levi’s, etc. and the products for liquidation come with a guarantee.

The brands themselves usually possess a high-recognition value. Brand recognition leads to more awareness of your company if you’re selling these recognizable products at discounted rates. As such, you’ll seem more appealing to the customer.

Buying in bulk allows you to pass off savings to the customer, which may earn more customer loyalty.

A Great Approach to New Business

For people who are looking to GET INTO THE BUSINESS, and want to try out a discounted retail or a liquidation project, buying wholesale is the best way to go. 

You get products at lower prices in a wider variety, and then you resell them for profit.

By selling branded and quality products at lower prices, you start to build a customer base that helps sustain and maintain your business. And when you have a customer base, you can start to test the waters with other products or your own creations to gauge their reaction.

Wholesale for You

Now that you recognize the benefits of buying items in bulk, you’re well on your way to finding the best wholesaler for your needs. 

The best benefits come from building a relationship with a wholesaler, so it’s best to find one you can trust.

At Nativo, we only use the highest quality ingredients. If you’re interested in selling our wholesale Açai berry fruit products, START A CHAT with us now.

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