What’s So Super About Acai Berries?

What’s So Super About Acai Berries?

What’s So Super About Acai Berries?

What’s So Super About Acai Berries?

What makes acai berries a superfood? What is it about acai berries that makes them so good for you? Find out everything you need to know here.

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Have you tried a spoonable smoothie yet? If not, surely you’ve seen a photo of these beautiful bowls on Instagram. They look like edible mandalas, covered in a rainbow of fruits and nuts, with a creamy purple base of frosty goodness.

The magic is in that smoothie base. It all starts with Brazilian acai berries, the popular superfruit that has earned its place as a trending social media sensation. But what exactly is an acai berry, and what makes it so super?

While many people have jumped onto the acai berry trend because of the flavor and rich color, these berries also pack a serious nutritional punch! Interested in learning more about what acai berries can do for your health? Read on to learn all about the health benefits of the most popular fruit you’ve never heard of, and then buy acai online from Nativo and see for yourself!

The Secret of the Superfruit

Acai berries are grown on palm trees near the Amazon river in Brazil, though most of us have only seen them in the form of frozen acai packs or acai sorbet! They do start their lives as a small purple berry-like fruit, however, not much different looking than your average blueberry. In fact, acai berries and blueberries have quite a few nutritional benefits in common!

You would never eat an acai berry straight off the tree, though. You must first soak and soften the fruit, and then mash it into a paste. Their short shelf life is the reason you’re more likely to see frozen acai in stores or for sale online through acai distributors like Nativo.

The pulp of the acai fruit tastes like an earthy blackberry, with a hint of cocoa flavor. Alone, or combined with sweeter fruits like bananas, they make for a delicious smoothie or smoothie base! Even though it tastes like dessert, it’s nutritionally dense and provides many benefits for the body!

Big Nutrition in a Small Package

Unlike many other fruits, the acai berry is high in healthy fats and low in sugar. There are five grams of fat and zero grams of sugar per 100 grams of acai fruit! This makes them more satiating than many other berries, which is why many acai lovers buy frozen acai in bulk and include it in their meals!

This small berry also contains many other impressive nutritional properties. You can get fiber, calcium, and amino acids, all from a humble berry! If you buy organic acai, you will ensure that you’re getting the purest form of the most impressive fruit!


The true superpower isn’t in the macros, however. The color of the berries is representative of the antioxidants contained within. The one that powers acai berries are anthocyanins, which gives it the compelling purple hue that makes a bowl of sorbet so irresistible!

Antioxidants are like little repair kits for your body. They destroy free radicals that cause cell damage and can lead to disease over time. Acai berries contain three times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries, making them the king of all superfruits when it comes to long-term health benefits!

Health Benefits

Scientists have also found that eating acai as part of a balanced diet can help reduce levels of “bad cholesterol” in the bloodstream. More notably, however, scientists have found that acai berries have an “anti-cancer” effect. More research is ongoing into both of these health benefits, but the future looks good for our favorite superfruit!

Brain Power

Hopefully, the scientists working on acai berry research are eating acai berries themselves, because these berries also increase brain function! Their antioxidant effects include protection for brain cells. This can affect inflammation and oxidation and keep your brain healthy over time.

Once you learn about the benefits, it’s hard not to run out and immediately buy acai wholesale – and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll wish you’d bought more!

How to Harness the Power of Acai

The best way to reap the nutritional and health benefits of acai is to include it in your diet. Acai berry distributors such as Nativo have made it possible to buy frozen acai for your home or your business. Not all frozen acai is equal, however, so do your research before you commit to an inferior product.

Nativo acai is always wild harvested by Brazilian natives. You can ensure you’re getting the freshest and purest product every time. We make it into a pulp and freeze it immediately so we can ship it to you.

Because it comes from the richest region in the Amazon, Nativo acai is always of the highest quality. You can expect the highest level of nutrition and flavor. Nativo acai is always organic, just as nature intended.

Many major brands include preservatives in their frozen acai products. Nativo never includes Soy Lecithin or Citric Acid. The flavor of your acai will always be pure and delicious!

Acai is an incredible addition to smoothies, bowls, and even cocktails! Happy Nativo customers have come up with endless recipes that can help you incorporate acai into your everyday diet in original and delicious ways!

Nativo Acai Berries: Superhero of the Amazon

An acai bowl a day keeps the doctor away, and getting your acai bowl wholesale is a lot more affordable than your medical bills! The benefits of acai berries are undeniable. When you add in the quality and purity of Nativo wild-harvested acai, the benefits are delicious, too!

Are you ready to reap the benefits of the disease-fighting berry sensation?  Check out Nativo’s online store and browse the variety of acai products available. Fuel your passion today!

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