Superfood? The Incredible Benefits of Acai

The Ultimate Superfood? The Incredible Benefits of Acai

Acai is a delicious and nutritious fruit. This type of berry, native to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, has many benefits. It has anti-inflammatory effects, can boost brain function, and even helps reduce Cholesterol.

In a way, it explains why this fruit was so popular among Olympic athletes when they were in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Yet, this Brazilian delicacy is not a new thing.

In the 1960s this superfood secret came to light. The prominent Gracie jiu-jitsu family suggested eating Acai before and after workouts.

The Gracie family gained a reputation for being the original masters of the blend, mixing this fruit with banana and a little bit of guarana. Since then, this training secret has become a daily ritual for surfers and health-conscious Brazilians. It’s not hard to find a juice bar in Brazil offering this nutrient-dense food.

Not impressed yet? Research suggests that Acai Berries are richer in antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Certainly, this fruit stands out for being super healthy.

Continue to read to learn more about the amazing Acai benefits.

Antioxidant Properties for Your Skin and Heart

Acai benefits include exceptionally high antioxidant levels, which means that if you’re anxious about looking older, do not despair: this fruit has anti-aging properties.

Interestingly, one small acai berry has twice as many oxidants as a blueberry and ten times as many as a grape.

Since Acai is rich in phytochemicals (linked to slowing down the signs of aging), it’s safe to say that Acai might be just as important to your routine as your anti-aging skincare products. Both have the same effect: give you a youthful look.

In addition, Acai has a specific type of antioxidant (anthocyanin) also present in red wine that helps control cholesterol levels, which is great for a healthy heart.

Overall, Acai contains antioxidants, good for your heart and appearance.

Acai Berries Boost Energy

Acai berries have amino acid properties, which brings several benefits.

Amino acids help increase energy production, endurance, and strength, resulting in better muscle performance.

Overall, Acai is a superfood that boosts individuals’ energy levels because it also benefits other significant systems in the body (including the cardiovascular and nervous systems).

Acai is Healthy: It Detoxes the Body

There is a reason why Acai has been common in detox juices. This fruit has a powerful detoxifying capacity, helping the body stay clean and functional.

Also, Acai Berries are a fantastic source of fiber, helping you maintain bowel health while keeping you regular.

Improves Immune Systems

Acai is a great source to boost the immune system and prevent infection due to its Antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Oleic Acid properties.

In addition, according to research, certain compounds in Acai (polyphenolic compounds) help decrease the development of malfunctioning cells by 86%, keeping the body as healthy as possible.

Another interesting fact, pointed out by research, is that polyphenols help manage blood pressure levels, keep blood vessels healthy and flexible, and promote good circulation.

Acai has polyphenols; therefore, you might consider including Acai as a snack in your daily routine to enjoy these health benefits.

Promotes Weight Loss

Many health experts have linked Acai to weight loss maintenance due to its health properties.

For those looking to start a weight loss journey, this type of berry helps the body process foods better and, according to studies, burn fat more efficiently, as it reduces fat deposits in the body.

For those that want to replace fast food, sugary desserts, or fatty snacks with something else, Acai is an excellent option as it helps to suppress unhealthy cravings.

That happens because, unlike most fruits, Acai contains MUFAs (monounsaturated fats), which provides individuals the feeling of being full and, therefore, prevents overeating.

Overall, this type of berry is rich in fiber and great for the digestive system. No wonder why Acai is the ultimate superfood.

Good For The Brain

The antioxidants in Acai are impressive. It can counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in brain cells, impacting memory and learning.

Also, research conducted by Tufts University in Massachusetts found that Acai helped improve memory in aging rats. This type of berry seemed to help in autophagy, “a process within the brain in which cells that have become toxic or are no longer working are cleaned out.”

Usually, autophagy works less as people age, but Acai might be a helpful food source to improve memory.

Potentially Boosts Sex Drive

Acai contains high levels of calcium, carbohydrates, iron, and antioxidants. Since this type of berry is nutrient-dense, it’s not surprising that it can boost energy and stamina.

Sure, it’s not an aphrodisiac, but it helps to increase blood circulation and so might increase libido (primarily in men).

Overall, this superfood is like a high-performance fuel for any activity, making it undoubtedly handy to improve an intense workout performance (at the gym or in the bedroom).

Improves Sleep Quality

If you love sleeping and feeling fresh when waking up, maybe you should consider eating Acai after dinner as a dessert.

For those that love sleeping, Acai Berries have amino acids that ease muscles and enable a more calm sleep. Leverage it.

It also contains vitamin B, which regulates the production of dopamine and serotonin (neurotransmitters that allow better sleep) in the brain.

Acai Benefits Makes it Worth Trying

Acai is a health ally. There are so many Acai benefits that it’s worth adding to your diet.

Do you want to lose weight? Acai aids in weight loss by regulating appetite and maintaining a high metabolism.

Are you feeling tired? This fruit enhances physical performance. Also, it boosts brain function, improves digestion and the immune system, and makes you sleep better.

It’s certainly worth trying out and adding to your routine. You can only win.

You can try wild-harvested organic Acai now! It’s worth it!

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