How to Make an Acai Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

How to Make an Acai Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

How to Make an Acai Berry Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

Do you love acai berries and want to know how to make an acai berry bowl? Keep reading and learn more with these 4 easy steps.

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Did you know that the acai bowl comes from Brazil originally where they are typically topped with granola, banana, and guarana syrup? Interestingly enough, they have many variations throughout the country, even savory versions where they use dried fish or shrimp!

Remember, acai is pronounced ah-sigh-EE and comes from the acai palm tree from South American rainforests.

An acai berry bowl is easy to make and is a healthy alternative to eating cereal in the morning. It has also been labeled a ‘superfood’ and it’s always a great idea to start or end your day with a superfood in your belly.

Read on to see how you can start making a delicious acai berry bowl in your home on the cheap and forego exorbitant restaurant pricing.


1. Gather the Ingredients

Your first step in making an acai berry bowl includes figuring out what ingredients you want your smoothie bowl to have. There are myriad options to suit your palate and entice your tastebuds.

Frozen Acai Puree: The most important and necessary ingredient would be frozen acai puree (ensure it’s unsweetened). This will make your job much easier if you don’t have to cut and prep the acai fruit early in the morning. You can get your frozen acai in bulk from an acai brand like Nativo Acai.

Fruits: You can also choose a wide variety of fruits to go along with your frozen acai puree. If you wish for a bit of sweetness, then go for bananas and/or mangos. If you are looking for a little bit of tart, then think about using passionfruit or dragonfruit.

You will also need berries (you can’t have an acai berry bowl without them). You can choose whatever berries choose your fancy, be it strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a mix of all of them.

Liquid: Next, you are going to need some liquid to ensure that it’s easy to blend all the ingredients. You can use milk if you are a vegetarian or an omnivore, or you can choose any fruit juice that you prefer (we recommend acai berry juice).

Yogurt: If you like yogurt, you can also add yogurt to your acai berry bowl, but ensure you use the unsweetened and unflavored version, so as not to interfere with the delicious acai flavor.

Toppings: There are many toppings to choose from. The typical ones are granola, nuts, seeds, or some sliced fruit.

If you are vegan, you need to ensure you use coconut milk or some other vegan mylk to make your bowl. Also, ensure that your store-bought granola doesn’t have honey in it (they typically do) or make your own.

2. Freeze Your Fruit

A good suggestion is to make sure all the fruit you use, bananas, berries, mangoes, and more, are completely frozen before you start blending, although not mandatory. You can do this by cutting up all your fruit (the acai puree is the exception as it’s already frozen), and transferring it over to a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Put this baking tray in the freezer and allow it to freeze overnight so you are ready to go the next morning!

3. Blend All Your Delicious Ingredients

Use a high-speed quality blender to make your acai berry bowl. Transfer all frozen fruits, acai puree included, and a bit of the milk/yogurt/fruit juice into the blender.

It would be ideal if you have a tamper attached to your blender, since you will have to start on low and use the tamper to push the frozen fruit down, mixing around as much as possible. Use as little liquid as possible to ensure that your berry bowl isn’t a watery mess.

Always blend on low to ensure that your berry bowl isn’t chunky or not mixed properly.

4. Assemble It in Your Bowl With Your Favorite Toppings

Find a bowl that’s big enough to hold all this acai berry goodness. Transfer the blended material into the bowl (or two if you are eating with a friend or partner).

Now you can get creative and make your acai berry bowl Instagram-worthy. You can use your nuts, seeds, sliced fruit, or granola (home-made or store-bought) and decorate your acai berry bowl in the way you have seen on television or in fancy breakfast places.

Don’t wait to enjoy your acai berry bowl as it will melt if left for too long and it will also be less healthy as it loses vitamin C due to oxidization by the air.

But remember not to go stir-crazy when adding your toppings. Acai by itself is a decadent tasting fruit and should be enjoyed without too much interference. You’ve seen bowls online or on Instagram that are filled to the brim with what looks like dozens of toppings. You don’t need to do that.

Simpler is better when it comes to acai berry bowls. Also, ensure that your serving bowl isn’t too massive. You don’t want to waste all that acai goodness by overfilling your bowl and leaving most of it behind (as you’ve probably done in restaurants at some point).

An Acai Berry Bowl Is a Food for the Gods and Goddesses

Yes, you are worthy of an acai berry bowl even if you haven’t descended from the heavens. And it will surely be the best way you can start your hectic workday.

Not only will it keep you full for a long time to come (preventing you from snacking in between meals), but it’s also packed with nutrients and vitamins galore. If you wish to take care of your body by using food as medicine, then an acai berry bowl is a great way to do it.

You also don’t have to worry about costs when it comes to acai berry bowls, because it’s easy to get affordable frozen acai delivered to your home by Nativo Acai. Contact them today to find out more.

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