Acai Sorbet

How to Make Acai Sorbet (The Right Way)

In the last few years, acai bowls have exploded in popularity. Not only do they look pretty, but they also taste good and are very healthy for you.

You might’ve gotten hooked on acai bowls yourself, and you just can’t get enough of these little berries. So you’re on the hunt to buy some and experiment with recipes to get more acai berry in your diet. You can buy frozen açai online and have it shipped directly to your home in dry ice.

There are so many great ways to incorporate açai into your diet. Açai bowls are amazing and smoothies are great when you are on the go. 

Another great way is to make an acai sorbet as a dessert. Considering the weather’s getting hotter, this can be the perfect way to cool down when you need relief.

If this has intrigued you, then read on. We’ll tell you why you should eat acai and how to make the perfect acai sorbet!

What Are Acai Berries?

You’ve probably seen acai berries before, but what exactly are they, and where are they from?

They look very similar to blueberries in size and shape, but they are dark purple and are 90% seed. 

Also, they’re not technically berries! Because they have pits in the middle, they’re actually considered drupes, which is in the same family as olives and apricots.

Acai berries are commonly eaten in the Amazon rainforest, as that’s where they’re commonly found. They’re typically soaked to soften up the dense flesh and then separated from the seed to create a paste.

Although acai berries look somewhat like blueberries, they taste nothing like them. They are not naturally sweet and taste similar to unsweetened chocolate. The pulp is creamy due to the high healthy fat content.

Why Eat Acai?

First of all, why even eat acai? Well, not only is it delicious, but there are TONS OF HEALTH BENEFITS as well. Here are some of the ways the acai berry can boost your health.

It Has Lots of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are what keeps your body functioning. You see, your body builds up free radicals, which are shed by cells and eventually, cause harm to them. 

Antioxidants destroy and remove free radicals. Your body naturally produces some already, but it can always use some help from outside sources, such as from the foods you eat.

Acai berries have LOTS OF ANTIOXIDANTS, which means it can help you with a wide variety of things. For example, it can help protect against diseases, as your cells won’t be as damaged as they’d be without a high amount of antioxidants in your body.

They also say antioxidants can fight signs of aging, so that’s another great side benefit from eating acai berries!

It’s Filled With Nutrients

While the acai berry might look small, the amount of nutrients it has is mindblowing.

In one acai berry, it’s packed with vitamin A, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, and more trace minerals. This means that when you eat acai, it’s almost like taking your daily multivitamin, but much tastier!

It Might Help With Brain Health

Remember how we said acai berries have lots of antioxidants? Antioxidants can help with inflammation and oxidation, especially in your brain cells.

If your brain cells become inflamed and oxidized, it can affect how you remember and learn things. Theoretically, the antioxidants found in acai berries can help improve both your memory and learning if you eat enough of it.

It Might Also Help With Cholesterol Levels

SEVERAL ANIMAL STUDIES show that diets that have acai berry in them can lower total and LDL cholesterol. While more extensive human studies need to be done, it seems promising that acai can have the same effect on us.

How to Make Acai Sorbet

Maybe you didn’t even need any convincing to eat more acai berry. Then that’s great! This means you’re ready to move onto our delicious acai sorbet recipe.


To make acai sorbet, you’ll need a bag of frozen blueberries (or 2 cups of fresh ones), a lime, and 14 ounces (400g) of frozen pure unsweetened acai berry puree. If you don’t have a lime on hand, lime juice can do in a pinch.

You’ll also need 1/2 cup sugar and 2/3 cup water. (If you use sweetened acai, you don’t need to add additional sugar)

Equipment you’ll need to make acai sorbet include a saucepan, blender, ice cream machine, and a container. You’ll also need a spatula and/or spoons for this process.


Turn your stove on medium and bring the water to a boil in a small saucepan. Once it boils, pour the sugar in and stir it to dissolve completely.

Once the sugar’s dissolved, take the saucepan off the stove and stir in some lime zest. Leave this to the side to cool while you work on the other parts of the sorbet.

Get your blender out and put the acai berry pulp, blueberries, and 2 tablespoons of lime juice (squeezed from the lime you zested) in. Hit the “blend” button and puree this mixture until it’s nice and smooth.

Now, add the sugar and lime water into the blender and hit “blend” again.

Now that the mixture is all blended together perfectly, open up your ice cream machine and pour it into the bowl. Have it churn for about 30 minutes or until the sorbet is thickened.

Transfer the sorbet into a container and put it in your freezer. It should take at least 2 hours for it to get firm. At that point, you can treat yourself to some sorbet!

Get Yourself Some Acai Today

Acai sorbet is a great treat to have on a hot summer day. So swap out that fattening ice cream that’s sitting in your freezer and replace it with some homemade acai sorbet. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

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