Enhanced Athletic Performance and Increased Stamina

Enhanced Athletic Performance and Increased Stamina

Acai is quickly becoming a popular supplement amongst athletes due to its perceived performance enhancing capabilities. However, the use of Acai to increase athletic performance is hardly a new trend – Brazilians have used Acai for centuries because they could notice a difference in performance and stamina when consuming Acai.

One Brazilian legend tells a story about a group of Brazilian dancers – These dancers claimed that they could not dance for hours unless they consumed Acai beforehand. Another story tells about how Acai became extremely popular amongst Brazilian Jujitsu fighters – Carlos Gracie, a well-known Brazilian Jujitsu Fighter, started his own Jujitsu academy in Brazil in the early 1900’s.

When he learned about the incredible performance enhancing capabilities of Acai, he started taking the fruit before each training session and encouraged his students to do the same. Once his academy became well known for their accomplishments and the incredible physiques of his students, word spread about using Acai for enhancing athletic capabilities.

Before long, the surfer community in Brazil found out, and became infatuated with taking acai before their daily surfing routines. Juice bars started popping up on the beaches in Brazil and started offering Acai to their customers, creating increased demand for Acai beverages in Brazil amongst athletes of all types.

Source: Nativo Acai

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