Frozen Acai Bowl Business

A Guide to Opening a Frozen Acai Bowl Business

A Guide to Opening a Frozen Acai Bowl Business

Are you thinking about opening your own frozen acai bowl business? Here is everything you need to know to get started with your company.

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A couple of the benefits of acai berries include lower cholesterol and plenty of antioxidants.

There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than munching on a delicious acai bowl. Filled with blended frozen acai berries and other nutritious ingredients, it’s sure to start your day off on the right foot.

Why just keep the acai breakfast bowls to yourself? Buy frozen acai in bulk from acai berry distributors, and start a successful acai bowl business to serve goodness all day long.

Below is a guide on how to start your business, including tips on buying acai wholesale.  Keep reading because you’re on your way to success.

Dive Into Your Passion and Mission

The first step to any successful business is diving deeper into the passion you have for the product. Yes, you believe acai bowls are delicious. You should also believe in yourself to convince others of this too.

Develop the mission of your business. Are you wanting to provide healthy treats for your community? Do you want to educate customers on the benefits of things like acai bowls and acai sorbet?

Get clear on what you want to do with and through your business. Lifting your business off the ground takes clear focus and diligence.

Highlight the Healthy Benefits of Freshly Frozen Acai

Many people know acai bowls as the cute, colorful bowls they often see from Instagram influencers. While this can be good for your business, it’s also important to highlight how healthy acai bowls are.

Talk about how acai berries provide powerful antioxidants and amino acids. Show them how your fresh coconut toppings help with heart health. Promise them that the fresh pineapple you’re adding boosts the immune system.

Don’t fall into the trap of adding secret sugars and syrups to the bowls. Be clear and transparent about what you use in your recipes. Customers should be able to trust your product.

To better promote health, have nutritional fun facts on some of your signs. Partner with a local gym to offer discounts and rewards.

Learn Where to Buy Frozen Acai in Bulk

Now that you’re ready to start your business, it’s time to actually find where you can buy large amounts of frozen acai. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to buy acai online.

Grab a cup of coffee because this part takes quite a while. Start by searching ‘acai wholesale’ or ‘bulk acai products’ in Google. Tons of distributors will pop up.

Spend plenty of time sifting through their websites. Look at the bulk sizes they order and how much they are. Read through their customer reviews, and double-check where they’re located.

Inquire about shipping and delivery times, and guarantee they have trustworthy customer service.

How to Know if You Can Trust Selected Acai Distributors

If this is your first business adventure, you probably aren’t sure how to know if you can trust the distribution company you’ve selected. Setting up a positive, strong relationship with distributors is crucial to a successful acai bowl business.

You’ll first want to get to know their products. Guarantee they’re shipping you products that are top quality and products they believe in. Be sure the açai is wild-harvested from the richest region of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

You’ll also need to determine what type of distributor you’d like to work with. Select from national, regional, or specialty distributors.

Are you not sure where to even start? Ask other businesses for referrals, and set up times to meet with representatives with multiple distribution companies. Trust your gut.

Develop a List of Recipes and Supplies

It’s time to start creating the delicious acai recipes you’ll be using at your shop. Create a list with variety so everyone can find something they’ll love.

Try tropical creations with pineapple and mango. Introduce more savory options with peanut butter and cocoa powder. Keep it simple with strawberries and bananas.

You can even have an option on your menu where people create their own bowls using a list of available ingredients. Make sure to offer a variety of sizes for this as well!

Once you have your finalized recipes, create a list of supplies you’ll need to keep around the shop. Don’t forget to add eating utensils, bowls, napkins, and some drinks for them to sip on.

Create a Marketing Plan

Your business is amazing, but everyone else needs to know it. Create a marketing plan that shows off your hard work and dedication.

An amazing quality of acai bowls is their vibrant colors. Use these bright colors to create equally as bright marketing materials. Catch people’s eyes with a well-structured Instagram feed and local flyers.

Use your business name in your social media handles so people are easily able to tag you in their photos as they snack. Consider offering a reward if people tag you on social media, such as 10% off their order.

Hold a grand opening with lots of food and games! Invite other local cafes, gyms, and businesses to collaborate with you to create a memorable community event.

Don’t forget a key part of a business’s marketing plan is carrying the attitude of the brand into their uniforms and shop decorations. Work with a local design company to create fun staff t-shirts and goodies that customers can buy.

Thoroughly train your staff members on the mission of your shop, and show them what great customer service looks like. Don’t forget to always act as a good example, and praise them when they do well.

It’s Time to Start Your Booming Frozen Acai Bowl Business

Don’t keep your passion for frozen acai bowls to yourself. It’s time to start searching for acai distributors and create the perfect business! We know you have what it takes.

First, define your business mission. You’ll then want to seek out trustworthy acai berry distributors and acai wholesale products you can trust. Make yourself a bowl to munch on while you create your menu and develop marketing materials.

Don’t sweat too much if you’re not sure where to find acai wholesale products. We’ve got you covered! Check out the rest of our site, and connect with us today.

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